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The World Leader in Vapor Recovery and Degassing

Main Office: 5757 Ranchester Drive, Suite 1100, Houston, TX 77036
Houston NW Office: 8032 Pinemont Drive, Houston, TX 77040

Telephone (713) 895-7701, Facsimile (713) 895-7708

WEECO International (WI) is a volatile organic chemical (VOC) control and degassing company that provides contract service for all of the major oil companies and storage facilities in the Texas Gulf Coast area. WI is committed to providing competitive pricing and unparalleled customer satisfaction while maintaining the highest standards of safety. No other competitor has the skills, technology, and experience WI has to offer you.

Environmental Rules and Regulations for Storage Tanks in Refineries, Chemical Plants, and Terminals:

TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) requires storage tanks to route vapors through a control device with a minimum 90% control efficiency before atmospheric release (Reg. V, 115.541)

TCEQ requires a minimum 2 volume sweep of tank vapor space and reduction of tank vapor concentration to 34,000 ppmv (or 50% LEL) measured as methane. Many MSS permits call for more strict limits; e.g., 10% LEL with 98% efficiency.

NESHAP and OSHA have strict limits on human exposure to hazardous air pollutants

How This Affects You:

These laws mean that you must maintain certain levels of safety and air quality when emptying or cleaning tanks containing volatile organic chemicals (VOCís). The vapors left inside the tanks are dangerous and very hazardous to peopleís health. Therefore, proper degassing measures must be taken.

Services WEECO International Provides:

  1. Tank degassing before and during tank cleaning operation
  2. Tank degassing during tank refill operation
  3. Vapor emissions control during plant turn-around or emergencies
  4. Degassing of LPG Spheres and storage caverns
  5. Engineering and consulting services for VOC emissions abatement

What WEECO International Offers:

  • The most cost effective method of degassing storage facilities containing gaseous vapors
  • The fastest method of degassing, which allows you to continue your work right away
  • The most effective method in the industry to lower vapor concentration levels to safe levels
  • The highest safety standards possible, which have allowed us to achieve a perfect safety record
  • A friendly, well-trained operating staff that will work to fully satisfy your needs
  • Proprietary equipment and technology we have developed that is time-tested and cutting-edge to provide the results you need
  • The only company to offer NOx control and virtually complete combustion (99%+) efficiency

Our procedures and services are widely acclaimed by major oil and chemical companies and terminals.

For any questions or to make a request please call (713) 895-7701, or fax us at (713) 895-7708, or e-mail to youn@weeco-international.com

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